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What to do after SEE?

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The Secondary Education Examination(SEE) is the final examination of school system in Nepal. In the present, NEB upgraded from School Leaving Certificate(SLC) to SEE. This examination is titled as "golden gate" since it is the only door for higher education in Nepal.

There is always a great confusion arise to all the students, which subject to choose and what pathway to follow after SEE examination. Dear students, this is the best and important period of your life so, take a deep decision after admiting in colleges and always walk with your interests instead of your relatives and other friends way. Many students randomly choose any subjects and get enrolled in any stream without a long term plans and this may influence their future career. Many students couldnot relate their education pathway to their future. So, regarding to this context, we have given summary of different courses available in Nepal so, decide carefully as of your interest. This decision is directly related to your future career.

1. Plus Two Science:
It is one of the most popular course as it allow to walk on the path to Engineering and Medicine. Science is that, which makes our lives easier by a great inventions and discoveries. Dear students, if you are interested in medical sectors, geographical and astronomical sectors, inventions something new then you can pursue a career in this field and make your mentality toward science. The requirement to take this course in NEPAL is you must have c+ grade in science and mathematics while you should have at least D+ in other subjects.

In this course you have to study Physics, Chemistry, English and math in grade 11 as compultuary while computer and biology are optional Likewise, you have to study Physics, Chemistry, English, and Nepali in grade 12 as compultuary while biology is for medical sector like micro-biology, doctor, nurse, genetic engineering, bio chemistry, etc and mathematics is for engineering sectors like civil, computer, mechanical, software, electrical, etc. Also, after studying science, students can persue their higher education in Information Technology(IT), forestry, Management and Humanities, agriculture etc

2. Plus Two Management and Commerce:
If you are sure you want to pursue your further education in BBS, BBA , choose Commerce while if you are interested in Accounting, Entrepreneurship , Marketing, Business, Hotel management etc then you can take you Plus two education as management and lead your strong foundation in those field. The main aims of a management course is to makes a students as an manager or handling other small businesses and utilizing their skill in growth of the business. Management courses can be applied to persue thei goals toward bachelor in Business management, MBA, Tourism Management and Hotel management, etc

3. Plus Two Humanities:
If you are interested in social sciences, literature, arts and economics, dance and music, politician and history and also people who want to become a psychologist can take thei plus two cducation in humanities. It is an extensive subject that play with core human value ,hospitality and murtual understanding. The course is offered by NEB and it has 2 years courses.

4. Plus Two LAW:
Plus 2 law is two years course program offered by national examination board of nepal and it is one of the most popular course over world wide. If someone wants to spend there career in legal sector then it will be the perfect choice for them.The person is respected as prestigios person in the society since they give justice for the people.
In this program, to get admission in LAW colleges of Nepal you must have secured at least 1.6 GPA overall.

5. Education:
It is two years higher secondary program, for formal school teachers. So, those students who wants to be teacher and spend their career in teaching field can take their cour in Education. The course is offered by TU and the student must have passed SEE examination. After that they can have their further education toward bachelor.

6. A-Levels:
The General Certificate of Education (GCE) 'AS' and 'A' Levels courses is running under the Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE) of Cambridge University. It is one of the most recognized qualification over worldwide. The flexibility of stream choice, gold standard academic curriculum, and worldwide recognition has made GCE Latest, Cambridge GCE 'A' Level is being taught in more than 160 countries with a variety of 55 subjects divided as science and non-science. Mainly A level courses is for two years courses and is equivalent to plus 2. It is most vast course then ganeral plus 2 courses. after completion of the course, students can enroll in medical/ engineering Colleges or pursue higher education in Management, IT,etc

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