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Tips to write perfect essay

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  • Properly  understand the intention of the given topic or question and use the clue/points as the base of your writing.
  • Linking of the points should be  done critically.
  • Use simple and understandable language as far as possible.
  • Start writing from title or mention your title in the first sentence of your writing.
  • Write main content with historical background, advantages, disadvantages, conditions etc. in the body paragraph of your writing.
  • Write your personal suggestion, recommendations, and conclusion in last paragraph of your writing.
  • Don't leave your writing incomplete and try reflect to reflect your creativity.
  • Give some facts and saying or proverbs to make your writing more valid.
  • Underline the important sentences you thought .
  • Steps to follow while writing essay:
    1) Preparation: Decide your topic and premade your writing in mind and create an essay outline.
    2) Writing: Make your writing completely contentful and follow step by step process while writing.
    3) Revise: Check the grammar, spelling, format of essay and awful sentences so that your essay become more desired and attractive.

Format to write essay

As a complete text, an essay has three parts: Introduction, body and conclusion. The introductory paragraph introduces the topic and establishes a thesis . It tells the reader what the essay is about. The last sentences of this paragraph should have a power to motivate the reader to continue reading. 

The body of an essay is its main part. The beginning sentence of the body should continue the idea raised by the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. The body is generally broken into three paragraphs which are highly interlinked and develop and elaborate the thesis in detail. In other words, these paragraphs clarify the idea and justify the purpose. The last sentence of the body leads into the last or concluding paragraph.

The concluding paragraph settles the thesis raised in the introduction and elaborated in the body. It is the restatement of the thesis. It summarized the main ideas discussed above. It is also parents the viewpoint of the writer who may also give hos massage there.

Thus a standard essay may consist of three to five paragraphs.

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