10 Tricky Interview Questions


During interview you might be ask very simple questions but that question may be tricky one and in order to check your creativity, Interviewer ask suc...

662 June-06-2021 12:10:42 srijan

Wheatstone Bridge Circuit | Potentiometer and its principle


Wheatstone Bridge is the combination of four resistors in which three of them is known and one is unknown. The combination of resistor are as shown i...

824 May-30-2021 09:50:37 srijan

Top 10 Frequently asked Interview Questions with Tips and Trick


Here is top ten list of Interview Question with there sample answer which are referenced by top application Interview Question and Answers and the lin...

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Tips to write perfect essay


Essay is the formal piece of writing which deals with the specific subjects. It helps in developing the skills and also it is useful in evaluation of ...

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What to do after SEE?

Nepal Education

The Secondary Education Examination(SEE) is the final examination of school system in Nepal. In the present, NEB upgraded from School Leaving Certifi...

517 May-26-2021 12:35:28 srijan

Top School in Itahari

Nepal Education

School is the place where the children turned into teenager and it is the phase where students needs mentally and physically healthy. So, besides stud...

823 May-23-2021 12:28:44 Sambriddha

Top Plus 2 Colleges in Kathmandu

Nepal Education

In the context, to join college in Nepal many students got dilemma, what colleges to join? With the view of students and parents who wish to get their...

1123 May-23-2021 12:27:09 Sambriddha