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What after SEE?


There is always a great confusion arise to all the students, which subject to choose and what pathway to follow after SEE examination. So, regarding to this context, we have given summary of different courses available in Nepal. Plus Two one of the most popular course as it allow to walk on the path to Engineering and Medicine.


Top 10 colleges in Kathmandu

In the context, to join college in Nepal many students got dilemma, what colleges to join? But the study totally depends upon you With the view of students and parents who wish to get their higher education in most reputed and publicly known colleges from kathmandu, we have collected 10 different colleges.

Arniko College BRT

Arniko college is one of the most reputed collages, located in the second largest city of Nepal i.e Biratnagar. Its exact location is Tintolia , Brt-13. The college was established in 2033 B.S (1976 A.D) and till then , it has been one of the best colleges in Nepal . Quality education is assured in this college.

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Tips to Learn and Memorization

Every students should start to learn by making routines. It helps to divide the subject and save the time. You should focus on each word and try to collect information. If you are not able to collect it spend more time on it or also you can change your location during study time. Talk to yourself about what you have memorize in a loud voice so that you can keep records in brain.


Evolution and Generation of Computer

Computer is an electrical, electronic and digital device that accepts input from the user, processes them and produce meaningful information through desirable output devices. It is used worldwide and got many advantages. The evolution takes place through mechanical and electronic era. Mechanical era produce to the devices which didn't use electricity and neither they were automated.

Top schools in Itahari

School is the place where students needs mentally and physically healthy. So, beside studying extra curriculum activities is also necessary for students. With the view of that we have listed some schools that gives caring environment to children:

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