Top Schools In Itahari!!

School is the place where the children turned into teenager and it is the phase where students needs mentally and physically healthy. So, besides stu>dying extra curriculum activities is also necessary for students. With the view of that we have listed some schools that persue its quality education with other activities and gives caring environment to children:

1.Bal Sadan Acadamy (Sundar Haraicha Biratchowk)

- Large Playground Field
- Good Caring to Children
- Experienced teachers
- Well facilated drinking water and canteen
- Weekly Extra Activities
- Best results in SEE and pass percentage is 100%.
- Bus facility and english environment

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2.Nepal DVM Global Acadamy, Itahari Sunsari

- Life skill & Value Education
- No books load
- Activity based education
- Well equipped infrastructure
- peaceful natural learning environment
- Extra ECA/CCA periods
- Yoga & Meditation

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3.Pathibhara Higher Secondary School(Itahari, Sunsari)

- Theme to make student problem solvers, creative thinkers
- Quality Education since its establishment
- Experienced teachers
- Well acilities of drinking water and canteen
- Think student hygiene is equal importance as study
- Daily speech and English environment

4.Vishwa Adarsha School (Itahari Sunsari)

Features :
- Good teaching methodology
- Large Playground Field with good environmental & infrastructure
- Expensive but quality education
- Focus in personality and discipline of students
- Well facilaties of drinking water and canteen
- Well managed and silent environmental rooms.